Savagely beaten for supporting reform

This recently uploaded mobile phone footage widely circulated on social media in Iran shows two young Iranian men lying on the ground, one of them bleeding profusely from a head wound, reportedly after they were savagely attacked by armed Basiji personnel [voluntary regime loyalist militias] affiliated to fundamentalist presidential candidate Ibrahim Raisi in retaliation for chanting slogans in support of reforms by President Hassan Rouhani.

In retaliation for his peaceful calls for political reform, the young man in the foreground was beaten around the head and body with truncheons by the Basiji thugs, who broke both his arms and smashed a number of teeth in their vicious assault, with the perpetrators then leaving him bleeding heavily, along with another young man seen briefly in the background also lying on the ground, without any effort to check their condition, administer any medical treatment or take them to hospital.  Bystanders who rushed to their aid are the only ones providing any help.

The Basiji, a copy-paste of the Assad regime’s thugs “Shabiha” or the Egyptian regime’s “Baltagiya”, are plainclothes thugs used by Iran’s regime to terrorize people, providing the regime with plausible deniability by not being official regime forces.   In recent years, the regime has become even more heavily reliant on Basiji forces, using them to viciously crush any protests, particularly in non-Persian ethnic minority regions of Iran, such as Ahwaz and Kurdistan in an effort to intimidate the people into silence.   The Basiji, who routinely injure or kill individuals expressing opposition to the regime, have absolute carte blanche from the regime and are fully protected from any efforts to challenge their activities by the direct orders of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.