Destroying Arab countries good for Iran’s economy

[Hassan Abbasi, IRGC officer and head of its think tank ‘Center for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis’, is suggesting that many jobs can be created for Iranian youths in Arab countries like Syria, Yemen and Iraq that are currently suffering from civil wars.]

 HASSAN ABBASI talks about consuming foreign goods in Iran: But the truth is that any foreign good that we consume, an Iranian job is destroyed and a foreign job is created. We should have mercy on each other. This is the first goal.

HASSAN ABBASI talks about Iranian currency: As for the second goal, this idea must always be in Iranian youths’ minds. Iranian youths must think that Iranian rial will one day be a very strong currency in the world. We are following this strategic goal with our students. You should also know that in 5 years or ten years, Iranian rial – just like Iranian missiles – must shine on the world stage. If they say that Iran is the 8th most powerful country in the world for its missile and etc., they should one day say that Iran is the 2nd or the 3rd powerful country in the world for its currency. This strategic goal-setting is the cure to the problem.

HASSAN ABBASI talks about jobs for Iranians in Syria: Now we tell our youths that, “Look! They have gone to Syria to fight. And they fight there and get martyred.” They say, “They go and fight for a dictator called Bashar Assad.” And I say the military forces have gone and fought there. They have pushed back the enemies. They have freed 60% of Syria. Then Syrian prime minister has come to Iran telling us, “come [to Syria and build there. How many houses are destroyed? 5 million? 6 million? You Iranians should rebuild 2 million of them. The Chinese have come and are starting the construction.” Well, our dear youths, as somebody who is good at math and technical issues, if you want to build 1 million houses, how many faucets does each house need? How many faucets in the toilets, in the bathroom, in the kitchen? How many light bulbs does it want? How many mosaic tiles does it want? How much ceramic does it need? How much pipe does it want? How much girder does it want? How you thought about these things? Well, think this way: when our military teams go there and get martyred, then our economic teams must follow them. Some must produce goods here and then take them there. And some must go there directly. This is creating jobs. Can’t we create 1 million jobs in Syrian civil development? Following these fighters who went there and got martyred, our youths must go for employment and jobs.

HASSAN ABBASI talks about job prospect for Iranians in Yemen and Iraq: We are standing by Yemen, right? Yemen is getting destroyed. This country with 26 or 27 million population must easily create 2 or 3 million jobs in next 2 or 3 years for Iranians to go and build there. Northern Iraq that is taken back from ISIL. Don’t they beg us to help them? Should just millions of Iranians go there for Arbaeen march? Apart from Arbaeen march, we should go to Iraq for construction. Otherwise, we have to stay put here. We should not interfere in Syria, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Yemen. Then we just have to stay in Iran, waiting for foreigners to scratch our backs for us. Well, as they say, “you want a thing done, then do it yourself.” If we want to have jobs, as for inside the country, the jobs must be ours. As for outside the country, because our youths go and get martyred there, then we ourselves must go and construct there, thus creating jobs for ourselves. As for exporting, our own goods must go there: our own fruits, our dairies, our clothes, our bags and shoes. Your generation must dare to think about these issues.

HASSAN ABBASI concludes: Do not listen to the counter-revolutionaries who say, “why have we gone there to defend a dictator called Assad?” We are defending Zaynab’s holy shrine, we are defending the humanity, we are defending the honor of 300,000 people who were killed there, we are defending the poor people there. If they let go of Syria, then they will come for Iran.