Zibakalam’s response to Ghalibaf


[Sadegh Zibakalam, Iranian reformist academic and one of Rouhani’s supporter, is responding to presidential candidate Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf’s claim. Ghalibaf had said that 96% of Iranian people have nothing, while the other 4% enjoy everything. Zibakalm says if such a thing is true, it should have taken a much longer time than Rouhani’s first term of presidency, while asking why Ghalibaf is bringing up this issue now and not before.]

 SADEGH ZIBAKALAM says: Let’s imagine for a moment that what Mr. Ghalibaf said last week Friday is true. For a second, I am imagining that 96% of the people have nothing, and 4% of the people have everything. Now my question from kindhearted Mr. Ghalibaf is that how long would it take, in Iran or any other country in which 96% of the people are poor, for such a condition to come true? How come Mr. Ghalibaf… (well, I don’t want to talk about Mr. Rouhani) how come Mr. Ghalibaf….

SADEGH ZIBAKALAM says such a division could not have happened in only 3.5 years: Well, an establishment or a regime cannot shove all the wealth and riches down the throats of 4% during 3.5 years.

SADEGH ZIBAKALAM asks what has Iranian institutions and organizations been doing when such a gap was being created: Mr. Ghalibaf can you tell me what has the parliament been doing during this time? What has Expediency Discernment Council been doing? What has Assembly of Experts been doing? What have all inspection, security and protection organizations been doing? What have the media been doing? What have the radio and TV been doing? Thank God, radio and TV is completely at your service. And Friday Mass Prayer platform is in your hands 52 weeks [a year]. And you have a lot of state-run newspapers and websites that are running on the government’s money for a small percentage.

SADEGH ZIBAKALAM asks why Ghalibaf has not talked about this issue before: Then how come you have never talked about these issues before? How come that now that it is the election time you have discovered this situation?