Rouhani’s 2nd term will dismantle the Jurist Leadership

[A cleric is talking about the government disbelieving in velayat-e-faghih, and consequences of re-electing this government.]

GHARAHI says: In soft wars, each time they come in a different form. Just like the seditions. 1998 sedition was different from 2009 sedition. And the next sedition will be worse. Know that by sharia, I am obliged to say this. And even though there are very few people here, by sharia I should say it. And God willing, you will disseminate it [my remark]. It is your duty to disseminate this.

GHARAHI talks about re-election of Rouhani’s government: By sharia, I am obliged to say that if this government is elected again, there will be a sedition bigger than that of 2009. And they don’t believe in the foundations of this regime (not velayat-e-faghih of Imam Zaman). They don’t believe in velayat-e-faghih and this regime. I am talking in the house of God, and I am talking about Quran. It is not good if someone talks nonsense with Quran in his hand. And I am talking with full-knowledge. I should mention many things briefly. And you yourselves should understand all their implications.

GHARAHI continues: I swear to God that if they become dominant [by winning the presidential election] once again…. Well, that will be the end of everything. Even though this holy regime will never be completely destroyed. And they should know that…. (Well, as you know words have a way of getting around. I have heard that they are aware of what we say here. And even sometimes websites of those who are abroad quote my words.)

GHARAHI says why he believes that this regime will never collapse: They must pay close attention. This regime is not going to collapse. And that’s because the main founder of this regime is Mahdi, Imam Zaman (may God hasten his emergence). You should know that no matter what happens, this regime is not going to collapse. And it will be handed over to its real owner [Imam Zaman]. This is certain for us. And there is not even a shred of doubt about that. We are certain that there is no failure of this regime. But it will increase the troubles, and we should try to make the troubles less.

GHARAHI quotes Hafez, the Persian poet: As they say, “Listen fly, Phoenix’s flight-path is not your air/ you ruin your own name, and us you tire and wear.”

He continues: They create troubles. And we have to be careful to reduce the troubles. If you want to reduce the troubles, [you should stop] those who are sensitive, those who are like that, those who come with soft war. One of those who discloses all their plots is the very Muslims’ Imam [Khamenei]. At the right time, he says a few words and disrupts whatever they have done. And this is what they themselves have admitted.

GHARAHI quotes BBC regarding Khamenei: And it was said by this damned BBC Radio. It has said a few weeks ago that whatever they do, Ayatollah Khamenei (in their words) says something and everything is then disclosed. Whatever they do, Ayatollah Khamenei’s remarks disrupt everything. Thank God. But you and I should be careful with our own presence.