Velayati shows that Iran’s “resistance” regime is pragmatic with the “Great Satan” when necessary

A senior Iranian regime official is seen here speaking about the regime’s pragmatism in regard to the 2015 ‘5+1’ nuclear deal, a stark contrast to the leadership’s virulently anti-American rhetoric  – referring routinely to the USA as the “Great Satan” – elsewhere and to the regime’s violently sectarian rhetoric in its ongoing regional war.

In the interview with Ali Akbar Velayati, a prominent regime figure and former foreign minister,  broadcast by Iranian state TV on May 2, the interviewer asks him,  “Are you still defending the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [JCPOA – the nuclear deal made with the P5+1 nations]?”

Velayati responds by saying: “Well look, we must have negotiated the nuclear deal, and this decision was taken by the regime and wasn’t a personal decision; without negotiation of what we wanted to do, it would have been impossible to reach this deal.   The alliance that Americans have made against us in the world due to the negligent policies of regime officials in front of the deceptive policies pursued by Americans, so we should have removed and halted this alliance against us. For this, today, Americans would not be able to create the P5+1 against us, and if we didn’t reach the deal with the West, the other option was a war against Iran, so the negotiation had to be done to stop it.”