Firing ballistic missiles at Saudi’s positions

[A report on missile attack on Saudi’s military.]

 REPORTER describes the details of the atack: One Ghaher M2 ballistic missile and two Oragan missiles simultaneously targeted Al-Khazra passageway in Najran. According to sources in Yemen Army, this missile attack killed and wounded more than 100 Saudi militaries and their mercenaries. According to reports by Yemen Army, Saudi militaries had gathered in this passageway when they were targeted.

–There has been violation of Yemen’s constitutional law, and there has been invasion against this country, violating its national sovereignty. Therefore, there had to be proper response and reaction against these invasions. This invasion has been going on for 2 years.

REPORTER continues: From political point of view, spokesperson of Yemen Ansar Allah said that they have documents in their possession which prove that Israel helps Emirates in Yemen war. Ansar Allah also rejected Europe’s offer as to receiving 30% of power for withdrawing from the fight with America and Israel instead.

–We have credible information and documents in our possession which prove that Israel has become an ally with Emirates, giving reconnaissance information to Emirates.

REPORTER concludes: Saudi’s air raids against civilians in Yemen still continue. In these raids, the road in Razeh region and a house in Sirwah were targeted. Air raids against civilians continue, while the Human Rights Watch asked Australian government not to sell military equipments to Saudi Arabia.