Afghani soldier in Syria

[Report about a soldier from Fatemiyoun Division, Afghan Shia militia, in Syria.]

 AFGHAN SOLDIER recalls going to Basij camp in Mashhad: I was at the 5th grade of primary school. I was an immigrant. They didn’t accept us. So I used to sneak into the Basij camp. It was in [unintelligible] in Mashhad. I used to go to shooting range and do other things. I was in love with such things. Now that I have grown up, not anymore. Although paradise is in the shadow of swords, I am after kindness, I am after love.

REPORTER asks him to give a message to Zaynab: If right now you—as a fighter from Fatemiyoun Division— want to tell something to Sayyidah Zaynab (peace be upon her) whose love has brought you here, what will you say?

AFGHAN SOLDIER says: “I didn’t see anything but beauty.” Even though we have come here and sacrificed our best, we hope that God would accept it from us. And I tell Zaynab that all these things that are happening to us are nothing compared to what happened to her.