Anti-ship missile

[A report on Iran’s new anti-ship cruise missiles delivered to IRGC’s navy.]

TV ANCHOR says: Mass delivery of new anti-ship cruise missile called “Nassir” to the Revolutionary Guards’ navy. This surface to surface missile, with capability of launching from coast and sea, can strike with accuracy all sea targets including warships and docks.

TV ANCHOR describes some of the features of the new cruise missiles: In a ceremony held in Defense Ministry’s Aero-Space building, Nassir anti-ship cruise missiles were delivered in large quantities to the Revolutionary Guards’ navy. Rapid preparation and reaction, low flying, accuracy in navigation and hitting targets, high destruction power, launching from fast boats are some of the features of the new missile Nassir.

TV ANCHOR quotes Iran’s Defense Minister in this regard: In this ceremony, Defense Minister Brigadier-General Dehghan said Defense Ministry’s strategy is increasingly strengthening missile capability of armed forces. Dehghan said with this valuable achievement, an effective step is taken towards increasing the country’s defense capability and preventive power.