Regime thugs drive vehicle at protester refuse to take him to hospital

In this footage filmed on a mobile phone camera earlier today, Thursday May 18, Iranian police security forces are seen driving their vehicle over an Iranian protester attending an anti-regime demonstration in Damghan County in the country’s Semnan province.

Although the other protesters, angered by this deliberate act of attempted murder, demanded that the police officers take the wounded and unconscious man to hospital, the police arrogantly disregarded them, instead threatening the demonstrators, ordering them to leave the scene and attempting forcibly disperse them.

As can be clearly seen in the clip, the wounded protester’s head is near the tires of the police vehicle, which came close to crushing his skull; despite this, the officers made no effort to even push him aside, knowing that even if they kill him they have absolute impunity and will face no penalties, nor do they allow other protesters to tend to his wounds.

This is a clear demonstration of the true meaninglessness of Hassan Rouhani’s ‘citizenship charter’, which he regularly brags about. These are the “rights” accorded to Iranian citizens by the regime, whoever is nominally the president. This is the reality of the regime behind the pleasant diplomacy at international conferences, with human rights violations and brutal persecution being the norm rather than the exception.

This came a day after a speech by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the ‘Islamic Republic’, warning that the regime would crush any uprising in a “harsh” manner. The head of the ‘revolutionary’  theocratic regime, which appointed itself to power by hijacking a people’s revolution against oppressive rule,  cited the example of protests that broke out following the 2008 election, threatening Iranians that if they were to take to the streets for any uprising against the regime it would be quashed “harshly.”