Iranian presidential candidate on U.S. enmity with Iran

[In a TV program before the presidential election, one of the candidates, Mostafa Mir-Salim, is asked about how he will deal with “America’s enmity” and its attempt at intimidating Iranian people, if he wins the election.]

 TV ANCHOR asks: One of the tricks the U.S. has always used in its enmity with Islamic Republic of Iran is showing tooth and nails and intimidating Iranian people (meaning they want to intimidate the people). In your opinion, what is the best strategy for confronting such a tactic?

MIR-SALIM emphasizes on strengthening Iran’s military capabilities: Islamic Republic of Iran must take all proper measures to guarantee its own security. The past 38 years after the victory of the revolution show that Islamic Republic of Iran has never had the intention of invasion, and has never been invader. But it has faced numerous dangers, and has always needed to defend itself. Therefore, we must definitely take necessary steps in strengthening ourselves and convincing others in not using any methods that would end up in any invasion against Iran. We should do everything we can in this regard. And strengthening ourselves defensively is very significant.

MIR-SALIM stresses defending Iranians living abroad: And in my opinion, apart from this, defending the honor of Iranians living abroad is also very important. We must be strong within our own borders, and defend our own borders and our country’s abilities. Across our borders wherever Iranians live and reside, we must defend their honor, respect and their personalities. We will put this on top of our agenda.