Others will envy those killed fighting for Iranian regime, Khamenei tells dead troops’ families


This footage shows Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei speaking during a meeting in April with the families of some of the Iranian soldiers killed in Syria, Iraq and in fighting in restive Iranian regions like Ahwaz, Iranian Kurdistan and Baluchistan, and telling them that their sons and husbands would receive twice the award of usual martyrs in Paradise with others envying them their fate.

Speaking to the families during the meeting on April 25, Ayatollah Khamenei told them: “I have an impression of your martyrs and I imagine that your martyrs are those who will receive twice the rewards [in Paradise] compared with other martyrs.  I think that your martyrs are those who, on the Day of Judgment, as all of us are judged on our guilt and as all of us are affected in the hereafter with even the parents effected, so on that Day of Judgment all of your martyrs, including your children, your husbands, your wives and your fathers and mothers, by the grace of God, will fly towards Paradise, while other people will begrudge and envy your martyrs who go to Paradise. Also only plead to God to give you patience, ask God for reward and leave it up to God to compensate you by his account.”