Targeting U.S. bases by Iranian missiles

[A report on the Revolutionary Guards’ missile power, and on how they can be used in a war against the U.S.]

  NARRATOR says: U.S. Air Force is the strongest in the world. And even the whole EU is not capable of confronting it. Then how is it that Iran claims that it can confront the U.S.? Launching short-, mid-, and long range missile is nothing new. And in military drill Great Prophet 2, the Revolutionary Guards’ missiles were similarly launched.

IRGC official orders missile launch in the drill: There is no power but from God the Almighty. By the Almighty God’s assistance and by help from Great Imam Zaman. Mohammad ibn Abdullah, Mohammad ibn Abdullah, Mohammad ibn Abdullah.

NARRATOR talks about significance of this drill: What makes this drill special is a simulated military base, modeled on one of the bases belonging to a transregional country [the U.S.]. The dimension of this simulated base is one-to-one [the actual size], with all details. This means that Iran has achieved the capability of fully observing enemy’s bases without being seen. If so, the attackers no longer have the advantage of sneak attack. And all U.S. bases can be targeted, which means that liquid fuel missiles are constantly pointed towards these targets from inside unidentified and scattered silos. And reconnaissance drones are constantly flying over these bases.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL AMIR ALI HAJIZADEH [Commander of IRGC’s Aero-Space Force] talks about Iran’s preparation for an asymmetrical war: We do not want to technically compete with the world. We have organized our systems in our own way which are mainly based on designs for an asymmetrical war. And naturally with these tactics and by using experienced forces and methods which are totally naturalized and particular to Iran, we are certain that we can fully confront asymmetric enemies. And with methods that we have designed, we can vigorously defend the Islamic Republic.

NARRATOR talks about Iran penetrating missile defense system: Upon the first engagement, the missiles will rain down upon these bases. But how can Iran escape the enemy’s missile shield? Missile defense system or missile shield has never been tested in a war, so it is not certain if it works or not. But the Revolutionary Guards’ missiles are a combination of short range missiles which, when launched in great number, can engage missile defense system so that ballistic long range missiles with MIRV warheads or with high destructive power can, after going out of atmosphere, successfully dive on the enemy’s targets.

[music] [Launching Ghiyam missile and going out of atmosphere]

NARRATOR concludes: These missiles’ destructive power can be deep and concentrated or at a large area, which can destroy the aircrafts that are ready to fly on runways. These missiles can work on solid fuel propellant, or they can be launched from silos, while working on liquid fuel. And they can simultaneously fire down on all American bases.