Any US move against Iran will be turned against America, warns Khamenei

Iran’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei brags that the US government can do nothing against the Iranian regime, warning that any move by the USA against the Iranian regime would be decisively countered with action “to their [the USA’s] own detriment.”

In the speech, delivered in a meeting with senior regime officials and the six candidates in the upcoming presidential election, Khamenei said, “Well of course everyone knows, however they know this fact, that the enemies of the Islamic Republic will use their abilities everywhere in order to inflict a blow against the regime as has already happened.  There isn’t much difference between one team and another among US governments, as former governments also continuously threatened the Iranian Islamic Republic, so the current [US] government is not very different to the previous government as it also keeps threatening us. So there’s no difference between then since inside them they carry evil and malicious intentions against the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic government, so all of them [US governments] are the same with no difference between them.  They cannot do any aggression [against Iran] because any move made by them against the Iranian nation will then, without doubt, be turned to their own detriment, and the reaction of the Iranian nation will be a decisive and strong response; there is no doubt in this regard.”

At this point, Khamenei’s supporters cheer, chanting, “Takbir! God is great! God is great!”

Khamenei then continues, addressing the six presidential candidates, saying, “To all the respected gentlemen who are candidates in this presidential election, I would like to tell them as I have already mentioned, that the candidates should decide what to tell the people and to state in their campaigns, and promise the development of the country, economic development and untying knots [resolving problems]. The candidates shouldn’t look to outside the borders and should look only at the nation.”

At the conclusion of the speech, Khamenei’s supporters again chant “Takbir! God is great!  God is great!”