Police forces ready to secure election


[Rahmani Fazli, Iran’s Interior Minister, announced the police force readiness to secure the election.]

  INTERIOR MINISTER RAHMANI FAZLI promises police force readiness to provide security in the country: We will do everything that is necessary for the security of the country. Police forces must basically deal with security of election. Be sure that from the borders and outside borders to streets, security issues are constantly being monitored, and certainly any moves against national security and public security will be seriously confronted.

REPORTER says: Mr. Rahmani Fazli, in a meeting with law enforcement commanders, appreciated the efforts of this force in creating security, saying that “I admit that we haven’t done enough for the police forces.”

RAHMANI FAZLI admits not doing enough for the police force: What have we given to this force? I am directly responsible for you in Interior Ministry and as deputy commander, and I should really say that we have not paid serious attention to you. And because of that, what is your demand and our heartfelt demand has not come true. With your graciousness, and your family’s patience, self-esteem and support for you, we have been able to preserve this force. You work out of your conviction.

REPORTER says: Chief of Police also said that 300,000 police forces are ready to secure the election.