Children in war fronts Part 2

MEHRDAD AZIZOLLAHI introduces himself: In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. “My Lord, expand my breast, And ease for me my task, And untie the knot from my tongue, That they may understand my speech.” [Quran, Taha]. Greeting to Imam Zaman, may God hasten his re-emergence, and to his rightful deputy Imam Khomeini, this beating heart of the oppressed in the world, and to martyrs of the path of truth and to the wounded and disabled veterans. I am Mehrdad Azizollahi, deployed from Isfahan. I am 14 years old.

He talks of what motivated him to come to fronts: My motivation for coming to the front was actually those brothers who returned from the fronts. They used to tell us how the fronts have good impacts. For example, the fact that whoever goes to the fronts, his character will be fully shaped, and his impurities and his sins [will be purified]. In fronts, no sins will be committed. That is why I came to the front, so that I can do something in God’s path and cleanse my sins.

REPORTER asks: How long have you been in the front?

MEHRDAD AZIZOLLAHI replies: It is about 8 or 9 months that I have been in the fronts, 3 months of which I was in Kurdistan.

REPORTER asks again: What did you do in Kurdistan?

MEHRDAD AZIZOLLAHI says: In Kurdistan, I worked with a propaganda group.

REPORTER asks about his task in fronts: Now that you are in destruction unit, what have you done so far?

MEHRDAD AZIZOLLAHI attributes everything to God: During this time, it was not I who did anything. It was God that did everything. And I was just an instrument. Right now, I was just coming back from the front, and a mortar bomb hit almost 5 meters away from me. It was just 5 meters away, and its blast hit me. But I was not wounded. I am just an instrument in this front. Otherwise, I am nothing– very weak in front of these powers. It is only God that is helping me.

REPORTER asks for more details: Tell us if you have neutralized the mines that Iraqis had planted in different areas and if you have planted mines for us.

MEHRDAD AZIZOLLAHI says: Yes, I have neutralized some [mines]. There were some mines in Beit ol-Moqaddas Operation that I neutralized for the brothers [Revolutionary Guards]. In liberation of Khorramshahr, phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3, I opened a passageway for the brothers. And it was in Ramadan Operation that I opened a passageway once again. I was in Najaf Ashraf Division and really many miracles happened to me. And this operation, I was in the battalion, but I did not open its passageway.

REPORTER asks about the reaction of the kid’s parents: Tell us if your mother and father agreed with your coming to the fronts. Did you ask for their permission?

MEHRDAD AZIZOLLAHI invites all to go to the fronts: Actually, my mother and father prepared the ground for my coming to the fronts, and I really thank them for allowing me to come to the fronts. And I tell other mothers and fathers not to be so emotional and attached [to their children], so that their children can come to the front. Right now, these fronts…. They should allow their children to come. They themselves should come, so that their characters are shaped in these fronts. In my opinion, everybody should come for at least a week, and see these fronts.

REPORTER asks: Have you gone to plant mines for us?

MEHRDAD AZIZOLLAHI replies: Yes, I have. But from security point of view, it is not right to say where.