Iranian defence minister threatens to raze Saudi Arabia

Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan has threatened that the Tehran regime will raze every part of Saudi Arabia other than the holy cities of Mecca and Medina if the Saudi leadership takes action against Iran.

In this clip from the interview with Arabic-language ‘Al Manar TV’, the TV station run by Iran’s Lebanese proxies Hezbollah, Dehghan responded to comments by Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, who said on Tuesday that any contest for regional influence between the kingdom and the ‘revolutionary’ Shiite theocracy should take place “inside Iran, not in Saudi Arabia.” The Saudi minister also said, “We know that we are a primary target for the Iranian regime”, adding, “We will not wait until the battle reaches into Saudi Arabia, but will work to have the battle in Iran instead of Saudi Arabia.”

In response to these comments, Dehghan told Al Manar’s interviewer, “Saudi Arabia has reached a new level of annihilation and mendacity, and is even prepared to flatter Netanyahu to incite him against us [Iran]. So what is this behavior that’s being pursued by the Saudis?  And why is that, everywhere when a nation has risen up to refuse to obey the Wahhabis and Salafis, then Saudi Arabia will begin acting and moving against it,  spending money and sending weapons to suppress and crack down on that place and its people?   Therefore as a result [of this], the rulers of Saudi Arabia must really shoulder their responsibilities and answer this question ;  are the interests of the Muslim peoples linked to their unity with Israel or their unity with America?  And will handing over the Middle East region to America achieve safety for Muslims or does it aim to spend the money from the Muslims’ money house to establish a failed, flawed monarchic regime? Is this the way to ensure the interests of Muslims? Regarding us, Iranians did not seek at all to occupy any Arab or Muslim country; we were not and will not become like this.  The Saudis today think that they can show off and flaunt their offerings in front of the peoples, especially original, great and civilized people like the people of Iran, so I do believe that they [Saudis] don’t know and don’t understand what they’re saying by their tongues and the reason for this is their vanity, excessive pride, arrogance, and immaturity.   Today a global consensus has been reached concerning the human rights violations committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, hence what can America do about it?  Saudi Arabia has tried to make war on Yemen a couple of times and this is not the first time that Saudi has invaded Yemen, but as a matter of fact this is the fourth time it has attacked Yemen as it lost and was defeated in the three previous wars, and this time too, the Yemeni people certainly will not allow the domination of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia over themselves.”

Al Manar’s interviewer then asks Dehghan:  “Can Saudi Arabia transfer the battle to inside Iran and hit Iran there?”

The minister responds:  “I don’t understand how they seek to do it; they think they can do something because they have an air force. I advise them and recommend them not to do anything ignorant, but if they did that, I doubt any area in all of Saudi Arabia would remain untouched except for Mecca and Medina.  Yes indeed, the solution is very simple:  first Saudi withdraws from Yemen; secondly, non-interference of Saudis in the affairs of Islamic countries; thirdly, acceptance of the collective [Iranian-led] security system in the region and driving out international forces from the region; fourth, yielding the right of self-determination to the people.   These terms and conditions are sufficient to solve the dilemma of the region.  

Today, Israel is living in its best condition as Daesh is fighting the Muslims on its behalf, providing security for Israel to consume the energies of the Muslims. [Daesh] squanders and destroys the possibility for threatening Israel, which is today celebrating this situation. When it carries out airstrikes on a place, it aims to send a message to its terrorist proxies in the region, saying to them, ‘I’m behind you, don’t worry, I’ll back and support you, and this is not related to Iran at all.  And the only solution for restoring security, stability, and peace to the region will be on two bases; first, Israel must not remain in the system of the region in this way. The solution is very simple; this is the return of Palestinians to the occupied territories so that the Palestinian people alone can determine their fate.   Upon any decision taken and determined by the Palestinian people, we all of us will accept it.  And the second is driving out all the interventionist forces in the region, I mean the regional forces, as the peoples of the region know how to live in harmony with each other.