Khamenei: ‘People must vote to defend Islam and the Islamic Republic’

In this speech delivered by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on May 8 in the Imam Khomeini Musalla [prayer hall] in Tehran, he says: “Of course, there are different qualifications, different opinions, and different political classifications used by people to vote for the candidates; you like Zaid as a candidate or you like Amro, so you vote for Zaid, and you vote for Amro. And there is no problem with that.  Such things are not important . The important thing is that all the people turn up to the ballot box to vote. All the people need to be there to show they are ready to defend and support Islam, the Islamic regime, the Islamic republic, to maintain the resistance of their country. You should know that if the efforts, determination of our people continue with the current splendor and by divine power, the enemy never and ever could not do a damn wrong to the country.”

Following the speech, Khamenei’s supporters chant, “Takbir, God is Great, Ali Khamenei is the greatest leader.”