Humorist lambasts Khamenei’s ‘National security more important than food for the people’ comment

Hassan Abbasi is an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officer and head of its think-tank ‘Center for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis’

An anonymous Iranian humorist has sharply mocked a comment by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last week, in which he said that maintaining Iran’s national security is more important than any other issue, even food for the country’s people.

 The unidentified Iranian humorist made this video which has gone viral on You Tube, mocking the Supreme Leader’s claim and ridiculing the regime’s corruption. 

 The video begins with Khamenei’s statement: “Security for the country is very important.”

Satirist: “What does this mean?”

Khamenei then continues: “Sometimes in a country there is no bread; there are famines and problems and insecurity, so if you ask the people, ‘Do you want bread or security?’ then the people will definitely say that they prefer to have security.”

Satirist: “Exactly.  The Islamic regime in the past few years has hidden its incompetence in handling the country’s problems behind this issue which is the importance of security, with the logic that ‘you may die of starvation, but you’ll die with security.’  So this means that if your monthly income isn’t enough to provide for your family for the basic food and other needs, well no problems – instead you have security.

If a licensed financial credit institution [a reference to the regime’s ‘Caspian Credit Institution’ which has been mired in massive corruption allegations] steals and rips off and plunders your money and there’s nobody who can save you, hey no problem – instead of it [the stolen money], you have security.

If the nation’s wealth and funds are invested in projects that bring disaster to the country, such as the Gotvand Dam [a disastrous water-rerouting project which destroyed thousands of acres of Ahwazi Arabs’ lands and increased the salinity of the Karoon river’s remaining  waters, killing most of the fish],  no problem – instead of that you have security.

If, within five years, the cost of housing increases by 15 percent, then no problem – instead of that [affordable housing] you have security.

If the country’s foreign capital and assets worth thousands of  billions keeps going  missing [a reference to large-scale regime embezzlement and financial corruption ] and  those officials responsible for it have never and will never be introduced to you to answer for it – [and are told]  ‘Come in man, no problem’ –  instead of that you have security.

If the country’s military and security forces get involved in business and trading in the nation and twenty or twenty billion dollars’ worth of ‘non-standard produce’ is smuggled in the country, causing hundreds of small and large factories to be destroyed and go bankrupt, no problem. Why? Because you have security.

If the mayor of the capital of your country takes several thousand billion dollars that are the assets of the city and also belong to future generations and distributes these massive sums of money among his friends and nobody is held accountable for such corruption, no problem. Why? Because you have security.   What? Yes, you have security and all these things aren’t really important.

When you have to wear a scarf in 40-degree heat, this thing too, never mind it and no problems – you should tolerate it like your mother and grandmother did.  Because you have security.”