Children in war fronts

[This is an old report from the time of Iran’s war with Iraq. Very young kids were deployed to these war fronts and used in military actions.]


REPORTER asks the kid: In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. We are going to talk and ask questions from our little brother who has taken part in the war front. Please after introducing yourself, tell us how many days you have been in the front.

KID responds and introduces himself: In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. “My Lord, expand my breast, And ease for me my task, And untie the knot from my tongue, That they may understand my speech.” [Quran, Taha] I am Mehrdad Azizollahi, deployed from Isfahan. It has been almost 3 weeks that I have been in the [unintelligible] front.

REPORTER asks: Please tell us why you have participated in this front.

KID talks about what he does in the front: I am in destruction unit, which means that I open the path and the passageway for the brothers, so that they don’t step on landmines, and, God forbids, something bad happen to them.

REPORTER asks about the kid’s past: Please tell us what you used to do before coming to the fronts.

KID says: Before coming to the fronts, I was in Kurdistan for 3 months. There with advertisement and assistance of IRGC’s Public Relation, we could guide some of them.

REPORTER asks if the kid’s parents tried to stop him: Please tell us if your mother tried to prevent you [from coming to the fronts] or not.

KID says: No. My mother and father did not try to prevent me from coming the fronts.

REPORTER asks about the kid’s background: Where are you from and in which battalion are you?

KID says: I am from Najafabad. Najafabad in Isfahan. And I am in [unintelligible].

REPORTER asks him about the real enemy: Can you tell us who is our main enemy?

KID responds: It is obvious that our main enemy is America. And just as Imam [Khomeini] said, “the main enemy is America.”

REPORTER asks again: Do you know who we are at war with now?

KID says: This is an obvious question. It is not Saddam [Hossein] we are fighting with. Rather it is America. And Saddam is one of America’s puppets.

REPORTER says: Mehrdad, thank you. Thank you for taking part in this interview.

REPORTER asks the kid to send a message for people: What message do you have for brothers and fighters who are behind the fronts?

KID says: My message is for the whole nation of Iran. And I think that this message is from me and all fighters in all fronts, and that is, “Pray for Imam [Khomeini]”. That is my message. We, the fighters, want you, the nation of Iran who encourage us every second, to pray for Imam. Greeting and blessings of God upon you.

REPORTER concludes the interview: Thanks for taking part in this interview.

REPORTER describes: Now we see the brothers of destruction unit, who are waiting to be deployed to fronts of truth against falsehood.

–Get on the cars. Brothers, get on the cars. If you are delayed, then it is not our fault.


–God is great! God is great!