Hassan Rouhani: Spend out of your own pocket on sanctions, not people’s


[In Fars province, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is talking about impact of sanctions on the country’s economy. He is pointing out to cost of sanctions on importing goods from other countries. Meanwhile, he is also slamming those who say sanctions are not important and JCPOA has done nothing for the country.]

HASSAN ROUHANI talks about the process and cost of importing goods to Iran during sanctions: I see that when we wanted to bring a container of goods into the country– [let’s say] one of our importers or our buyers [wanted to]. When he wanted to bring a container of goods, first of all ships couldn’t dock at Bandar Abbas Port or Imam Khomeini Port. It was banned. We were sanctioned. These big ships had to go and dock at the coast of this or that country in the Gulf. Well, it would cost us to transfer our cargos to that country. There, we had to unload the cargo once again. Then we had to transfer these containers to our own coasts by little dhows. I asked the related officials how much additional cost sanctions had for a container of goods. [I mean] These additional transfers.

ROUHANI points out to the additional costs: It added $700 to a container of goods! And then some people say, “We will find a way around it. Sanctions are not important.” Out of whose pockets, is it not important [to pay the additional costs]? Out of your own pockets, you can spend as much as you want on sanctions. If it is out of people’s pocket, then it is not important? Well, then go ahead and ask the people.

He then talks about the cost of international transaction during sanctions: As for our financial circulation with the world. According to the latest statistics that were reported to me a few days ago by one of the banking officials, our financial circulation for sending some money or bringing in some money from abroad—be it government, importers or exporters—would cost us 11% on average. Today this 11% is cut to 3%. Well, what about the rest of it? We had to pay that money out of people’s pockets. People had to buy the goods more expensive

ROUHANI mentions impact of sanctions on importing medical equipments and drugs: Let’s talk about our medicine. Did you receive all medical appliances and equipments that you wanted, all the medications that you needed, on time? Did you receive it from the country that you wanted, or did you have to import them from couple of countries with lower quality and higher prices? Some ask what JCPOA has done. I will tell you what JCPOA has done. JCPOA has freed us to buy from whoever we want.