Rebuking is one of the tricks of the aggressive superpowers

[Ayatollah Khamenei is asking the officials no to fear the superpowers—particularly America—and not to allow these powers to make them scared by browbeating and rebuke.]

AYATOLLAH KHAMENEI talks about superpowers browbeating other countries: One of the tricks of the aggressive superpowers is rebuking. Superpowers are like that. In order to secure their interests and make governments of each region obey them, they exaggerate about themselves, rebuke and browbeat.

KHAMENEI points out to former U.S. administrations browbeating Iran: Do you remember the browbeating of some of the former U.S. administrations? Now they are doing it differently.

He talks about officials not having the right to be scared: For a country, the worst case is for its officials to fear the enemy’s browbeating, threats and rebukes. If they get scared, they have opened the door for the enemy’s entrance, invasion and aggression. There is no doubt that one should work reasonably, logically and wisely. But also one should work with courage, not with

fear, horror, or under the impact of rebukes, misbehaviors, or browbeating of the superpowers in the world. Being under the impact of such things is the beginning of disaster.

KHAMENEI says if the regime and the people are united, they should not fear superpowers: Well, if someone is scared, let it be so, but not on behalf of the people. He should not be scared on behalf of the people. The people are persevering. Enemy [can’t do anything] in front of a regime that is connected to its people, loves its people and its nation, and its people loves it [the regime]. Such a regime and such a people are resistant against the enemy. The enemy—America or even bigger than America—cannot do a damn thing in front of such a people.