Khamenei advises voters to please God by carefully considering candidates, then vote for his favored candidate

In this footage from a sermon delivered in April, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei first urges supporters to please God by carefully considering the choice of candidates in the country’s upcoming presidential election, set to take place on May 19th – then suggests that they should vote for his favored candidate.


Addressing the congregants at the Friday prayer held in Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Musalla on Friday, April 21, Khamenei said, “People should not look cursorily and carelessly at elections, but rather they should vote based on thought and contemplation.   When we’ve thought about something based on logic and have chosen someone and voted accordingly with that, then we are excused in the sight of God.  We might make a mistake, however, but once again in the sight of God, we are excused.  But if we become reckless, careless and act [vote] without thinking, not only will be held accountable in the sight of God, but also we will say to ourselves, ‘Ha ha ha, have you seen that we have not considered this matter correctly?’   This means that we would condemn ourselves.

“But no, if you thought, if you studied and took consultation and finally, based on an idea, you chose somebody [a candidate], then the Glorious God is pleased with you because you did your job,  as well as your conscience being pleased with you because I did my job[instructing the people to vote for his favoured candidate].  If, let’s suppose, we selected a wrong one and made a mistake, well, making mistakes happen to everyone, but you could at least say, ‘Well, I did what I should do.’  And this is the case that I want to address and to share with people.”