Iran Defense Minister Slams His U.S. Counterpart

REPORTER: In reaction to the U.S. Defense Minister’s claims, our [Iran’s] Defense Minister said that the era of brandishing guns, trumping charges and framing up others and meddling [in their affairs], especially from a self-righteous position, has passed. He added, one cannot replace a defendant’s position with a plaintiff’s by trumping charges. Replying to James Mattis’ claims about Iran’s sending weapons to Yemen’s Houthis, Brigadier General Dehghan stressed that today Wahhabi Takfiri terrorists commit crimes in Syria and Iraq, using American weapons and ammunitions. Dehghan advised U.S. authorities to think of solving their country’s domestic problems, instead of creating new crisis and launching war in [North] Korea and Middle East.

In this video clip, Iranian Defense Minister rejects U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis’ words regarding Iran supplying missiles for Yemen’s Houthis.]