How much do you know about presidential candidates?


[A report which briefly introduces the candidates running for presidential election. Each candidate talks of his own priorities for the country, if elected.]

HOST asks: How much do you know about the 6 candidates who were qualified by the Guardian Council of the Constitution?

1st NARRATOR says: Seyyed Mostafa Agha Mirsalim

2nd NARRATOR gives the basic info: Place of Birth: Tehran. Date of Birth: 1947. Academic Degree: Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Member of Expediency Discernment Council, former Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance. 0:29

MIRSALIM promises: I will save the cycle of national production from recession by creating jobs and innovation, and make it move. I have come to realize the rights of 3 million youths who, due to missed opportunities, have no access to job market and are deprived of serving our heroic people.

1st NARRATOR says: Eshaq Jahangiri Kouhshahi

2nd NARRATOR gives the basic info: Place of Birth: Sirjan. Date of Birth: 1957. Academic Degree: PhD in industrial management. First Vice President in 11th government, former Minister of Industries and Mines.

JAHANGIRI talks about his priority: Dominance over the economic conditions in the country, challenges ahead and adopting proper policies for facing these challenges at top of which is the issue of unemployment, the issue of environment, the issue of water and such other issues which require exact planning.

1st NARRATOR says: Hassan Rouhani

2nd NARRATOR gives the basic info: Place of Birth: City of Sorkheh (Semnan). Date of Birth: 1948. Academic Degree: PhD in Constitutional Law. 11th President, 5 times MP in Islamic Parliament.

HASSAN ROUHANI talks about his priority in economy: Under the current conditions, the issue of sustainable, job-creating development will be our priority in economic progress in the country. And, also, the environment—meaning that a development which includes solving environmental problems, and a development which would also create jobs for our youths. Decreasing social problems in the country, such as poverty, unemployment, living in slums, and addiction. And implementing the citizen rights whose charter has been published.

1st NARRATOR says: Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi Sadati.

2nd NARRATOR gives the basic info: Place of Birth: Mashhad. Date of Birth: 1960. Academic Degree: PhD in Jurisprudence and Fundamentals of Islamic Law. Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, former Deputy Chief Justice.

RAISI focuses on foreign policy and economy: In relation to our foreign policy, the principle of honor, wisdom, and expediency requires that we have interaction with all countries and international forces. And as for our economic prosperity, we will certainly look at other countries’ experience in this regard, because our economy will look outside and produce inside.

1st NARRATOR says: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf

2nd NARRATOR gives the basic info: Place of Birth: Torghabeh, Mashhad. Date of Birth: 1961. Academic Degree: PhD in political geography. Mayor of Tehran, one of the commanders in Iran-Iraq war.

GHALIBAF gives economic promises: I will form the government of the people. And in a 4-year period, with a revolutionary economy, I will increase the country’s revenue by 2.5 times. I will create 5 million jobs. I will change the tax system to the advantage of 96% of the people. And more importantly, I will implement a formulated and exact plan for immediately solving the problems of low-income groups.

1st NARRATOR says: Seyyed Mostafa Hashemitaba

2nd NARRATOR gives the basic info: Place of Birth: Isfahan. Date of Birth: 1946. Academic Degree: Master’s degree in Textile. Former Minister of Industries, former head of Iran Physical Education Organization.

HASHEMITABA talks about providing the minimum for the poor people: As soon as possible, some minimums must be provided for the deprived in our country, for the chronic patients in our country, for the disabled in our country, and for the needy families, so that they can have a minimum, decent life. Then comes the issue of employment in different fields.