Unveiling new products of Iranian Army Ground Force


[A report by IRIB news agency about the latest military products of Iranian Army Ground Force.]

HOST says: …to scare the wolves.

REPORTER announces: Quran, scissors and ribbon. Wherever they are, they represent a new thought and a new design. What is behind this green curtain that will make the enemies tremble?

BRIGADIER-GENERAL KIOMARS HEIDARI asserts: Army Ground Force has become prominent in this regard.

REPORTER describes a weapon: Brigadier-General, Army Ground Force Commander unveils the new products. This weapon is called ‘Heidar.’ It is a semi-automatic weapon, with 50mm bullets, which can be an extraordinary instrument for Iranian sharpshooters.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL KIOMARS HEIDARI talks about its features: One of the features of bullets above 50mm caliber is that because they have more energy and because they have more velocity, they have more destruction power—very effective in their own range, and more fatal in closer ranges.

REPORTER continues: Heidar’s bullets go towards the enemies with speed of 1,734 meter per second.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL KIOMARS HEIDARI says: They are good for armored vehicles, automobiles, and mass trenches.

REPORTER introduces another product: Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the Iranian Army hosted us to see its new achievements. ‘Heidar 5’ passed us in the stand. A tactical 8 by 8 vehicle, which is an advanced system for automatic launching of mines. Imagine a bunch of these tactical vehicles entering the battlefield, planting mines in a vast area. What will the enemy do? They can hold more than 100 mines. Mine launcher is hidden. And it can launch strong anti-vehicle and anti-armor mines.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL KIOMARS HEIDARI explains: Army Ground Force has entered a new level of development: development in structure, development in organization, and development in technics and tactics that are necessary.

REPORTER says: ‘Korna’ is an audio system with a long range. Its deafening and annoying waves can unsettle the enemy up to 3 kilometers. Vehicles, helicopters, and vessels can carry this audio system. And in operations of rapid reaction forces, its audio files will make the enemies tremble with fear.

REPORTER talks about 2 products: ‘Heidar 6’ is another achievement of Army Ground Force’s researchers. An armored personnel carrier (APC) with a new tower with a 73mm autocannon, whose penetration power in the target is very high. It can penetrate 30cm of steel, has anti-tank missile, and can transfer the personnel in water and land with high speed and with suitable fire support. ‘Suleiman 1’ has also made doubled the mobility in transferring the vehicles. It can carry 2 tanks or APCs at the same time.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL KIOMARS HEIDARI asserts: All the cases that are unveiled today are common products with scientific companies, academic scientific centers, and Defense Ministry.

REPORTER talks about another product: Today also ‘Hoveizeh’ was delivered to Army Ground Force. 155mm cannon, self-propelled, and powerful. Hoveizeh is the symbol of part making movement in Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the Iranian Army. Let’s believe in Iranian resistance economy for jobs and employment in all domains.

REPORTER concludes: Army Ground Force of Islamic Republic, standby for the order of the supreme leader, is becoming more powerful and stronger for dearly defending the borders of Islamic Iran.

Iman Merati, IRIB news agency.