The reporter asked Rouhani, “What will you do about these issues?”

Rouhani’s 2013 election promises

With the Iranian election only a couple of weeks away, this four-year-old footage shows Iran’s incumbent president, Hassan Rouhani, in an interview from his 2013 election campaign.  In this excerpt from the interview, filmed in one of the country’ national park in Isfahan and broadcast live on Iranian state TV on June 4, 2013, Rouhani spoke about what he would do if elected, saying: “I’m not an optimistic man, but I was and am still a realistic man. In my opinion, within the first two months of the government of ‘prudence and hope’ [Rouhani’s campaign slogan], people will see the effects on inflation and unemployment.

Rouhani responded, “What I’m going to do is to change the [political] climate.   Today’s climate isn’t a productive climate, which means it’s not an active climate.  I mean, when entrepreneurs see that the government is standing with them and is seeking to resolve business-related problems, and attempting to reassure them even before the problems are resolved, and receive that reassurance from the path taken by the government which aims to resolve problems, this will result – in my opinion – in bringing the beginning of an economic boom. Also, taking this route will have [beneficial] psychological effects and will have positive effects on the manufacturing sector, which will also affect prices and employment too.

For these reasons, I’ve announced that I have a one-month initiative, a one-year initiative, and a four-year initiative. My plan’s formulated on that basis; it’s been drafted on the basis of should be done in the first month – for example, the first step I want to take in the first month is to activate the legislation designed to improve business and work, which was passed by the parliament  about two or three years ago; that law’s been gathering dust [hasn’t been implemented], so what we’re going to do is to draft regulations to enforce this law, and we’ll inform the public about that.   We will make this law executive; this legislation will create the first catalyst for economic prosperity, so I have a one-month initiative, as well as a one-year initiative and a four-year initiative.  God willing the people will witness a great transformation in the first few months and, God willing, the resolution of these problems will be achieved in the next few years while I’m president, in my opinion.