Internet rumors about Haj

[Ali Ghazi-Askar, Iranian supreme leader’s representative for Hajj affairs, denies rumors that were published on Internet.]

GHAZI-ASKAR denies the first rumor: I can say for sure that those issues that were published on the Internet are not true at all. Not even one of them is true. They are all lies. For example, they released video of somebody on the social networks, according to which this man, who is Friday Mass Prayer Leader of Masjid al-Haram, says Shiites’ blood can be wasted. First of all, this video belongs to a while ago. Couple of years ago.

GHAZI-ASKAR denies the second rumor: And, second, this man is not from Saudi Arabia. Let me give you another example [of Internet rumors]. That on the table over which Mr. Mohammadi negotiated with their [Saudi Arabia’s] Haj Minister, there was no flag of Iran. And this is humiliating for Iranian people. Well, such remarks are completely baseless. We have published the related images on websites. The [Iran’s] flag was on the table. They really showed respect. They had a logical dialogue, and showed respect. Their Haj Minister came to the airport to welcome Mr. Mohammadi. Well these things happened, and we made sure.