Cleric slams political factions in Iran


[A cleric is accusing the politicians of doing nothing for the people, and just fighting over power. He asks people not to vote for the left or for the right.]

 CLERIC accuses politicians of fighting over power and doing nothing for people: Politicians fight with each other. It is a bone of contention. They are fighting over the power, not over serving [the people]. This group say the others are thieves. And the others say this group are thieves. And how miserable we the people are, who must make the same mistake every 4 years. In these 37-38 years after the revolution, the country was either ruled by the left or the right. You will vote for them again! And you will vote for them again! What good thing have they done for the country during these years? They are constantly fighting each other. Are you going to be deceived once more? They pull wool over your eyes.

CLERIC asks people not to vote: Do not vote either for the right or the left. Some of are acting like tribes.