Iranian video shows cynicism about Iran’s “four professional criminals” running for president

This compilation of video clips expresses Iranians’ cynicism about the interchangeable candidates for the May 2017 presidential election. 

The introductory voiceover states, “The power struggle between the four professional criminals continues.”

The next clip shows the current president, Hassan Rouhani giving a speech while attending the official launch of two new gas fields in Iran, in which he invokes the spirit of Imam Ali and asks for God’s blessing on the number 20 and 21 gas-drilling rigs.

The voiceover states, “Rouhani, who continues in power, seeks to deceive the people for the next for years, striving to stay at the help of power. By exploitation, he aims to impose his will on the people via coercion, despite failing to bring anything for the disadvantaged people in the last four years.  Ahmadinejad, who came to power through Khamenei’s efforts previously, has now [after being denied the chance to stand for office again] found a new contender from Mashhad city to compete on his behalf, identified as the infamous criminal Mr. Ibrahim Raisi, who copy-pastes Ahmadinejad’s policies so he can engage with them”.

“Ahmadinejad previously dragged the country to destruction and degradation, and exploited the nation’s wealth.”

The next clip shows a speech by Ahmadinejad during his presidential nomination, in which he said, “In the decision-making system, reforms must certainly happen. The decision-maker must be known – who it is and what’s his position if a decision needs to be made. The decision-maker should be identified and made responsible for the consequences of his decision.  A decision should not be made by some people while others get the curse of it.  I hope that what I have mentioned will be reformed, God willing.” 

In the subsequent clip, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is seen delivering a speech, saying, “In the resistance economy, the  production issue and employment issue as well as the issues of eradicating recession, the imports issue,  and the export issue, must be addressed.”

The voiceover says, “The Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, for all the past years, has only been deceiving the people.”

The clip then shows Khamenei continuing the same speech, saying, “If the required actions are taken then today we would see a significant change and differences in the country’s economic situation.”

The voiceover adds, “The all-powerful Ali Khamenei is endeavoring to reach out to the king of Mashhad Mr.Ebrahim Raisi.”

The final clip shows another speech by Rouhani, in which he announces his determination to run in the May election, saying, “We will not get stuck at the halfway point; we will continue along the way and not retreat from the halfway. We will continue on from the halfway point to the end.”

The voiceover concludes by saying of the upcoming election, “In summary, it is a chaotic mess.”