Hassan Abbasi on upcoming presidential election


[Hassan Abbasi, IRGC officer and head of its think-tank ‘Center for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis’, is talking and strategizing about the upcoming presidential election. It should be mentioned that the video had been recorded before the Guardian Council announced the main candidates.]

 HASSAN ABBASI talks about people turning toward Raisi: He said, ‘God, turn people’s hearts toward these [people].’ It seems that God has created a general atmosphere, and this public atmosphere is turning toward this Seyyed [Raisi]. And I can see a strange atmosphere in the arena, because I go here and there every day.

He talks of the strategy that the hardliners should adopt: Therefore, we must wait until 7th [of Ordibehesht (April 27)] so that it becomes clear how many of these 1,600-1,700 people are completely gone [disqualified], and the main people are finalized for sure. It is likely that one of them will be completely eliminated by the Guardian Council. (Well, that way, or in some other ways. Or some other friends, for example, [unintelligible].) Then, after that arrangement, it is us and the main ones who have registered—the main people who have registered. The revolutionary current must start with 4 or 5 people, but when it is 2 days left to election day, they should all drop out [of election] and only one of them should remain.