Attacking Iran


[The report is about the U.S. and presidential election in Iran. An American political analyst and a U.S. Congressman are quoted as seeing people’s movement and demonstrations in Iran as a substitute for military attacks against Iran. Also, Obama’s and Clinton’s views about 2009 Green Movement are reflected.]

 REPORTER says: They always talk about options on the table—options which they talk about more openly at certain times.

DANA ROHRABACHER refuses the possibility of military attack against Iran: Let me state it clearly. We will never attack Iran.

RAY TAKEYH asserts: Confronting the Iranian regime must start from within Iran.

REPORTER continues: Presidential election in Iran is one of those certain times—one of those times when they say certain things and make certain decisions. For example, they mention incidents that were turning points for them.

RAY TAKEYH’s view about Green Movement: 2009 and emergence of Green Movement must be considered as a turning point in Iran’s development.

REPORTER says: And they have certain actions in their agenda.

DANA ROHRABACHER sees people’s movement as the solution: The real solution, and our only solution, is to agitate ethnic groups, and revive and support movements like Green Movements.

REPORTER says: Their strategy for confronting Iran is to agitate and create unrests in the country, just like the policy adopted by the former American government 8 years ago– and again at the time of election.

HILARY CLINTON stated: I say it clearly and directly that we support those who took to streets in Iran.

BARAK OBAMA urged: It is my wish that the oppositions’ demonstrations continue in Iran.

REPORTER comments: Of course, continuation of unrests in Iran was a wish they did a lot to make it come true.

HILARY CLINTON said in an interview with BBC Persian: We did a lot from outside Iran. For example, we told Twitter to continue its services so that people inside Iran can communicate with outside. But we had to be careful so that it was not seen as if we were playing a role in this movement.

REPORTER asserts: Now adding fuel to riots and conflicts within our country is an experience that our enemies are after repeating. This is what Trump’s advisor says when asked if the 2009 experience will be repeated in Iran, and what will be Trump’s position when people take to Iranian streets.

TRUMP’s ADVISOR said: I tell those who watched measures of 2009 generation that even now they can take to streets.

RAY TAKEYH suggests: We must establish relationship with opposition movements inside Iran. In my opinion, it is necessary to put them under more pressure, which is why it is important to put more pressure on Iran’s economy, and create division within society.

REPORTER comments: There should be more pressure. When threats and sanctions do not work, creating division becomes their priority to cripple the Iranian people.

NARRATOR reads from an opinion piece: “How Trump can cripple Iran”

“If Washington were serious about doing to Iran what it helped to do the USSR, it would seek to weaken the theocracy by pressuring it on all fronts.”

“American officials should insist on the release of all those languishing in prison since the Green Revolt. This must include the leaders of that movement.”

REPORTER concludes: While the enemies, by the shadow of war and military threats, try to secure its goals in Iran, one can see their instrument and goals without difficulties.

DANA ROHRABACHER says: If we want to get rid of the Iranian regime, it will not be with American weapons and militaries. Our only power for getting rid of Iranians is to destroy them by their own hands.