Ahmadinejad VP Criticizes Iran’s former Intelligence Minister


[In this video clip, Hamid Baghaei– former VP during Ahmadinejad’s presidency– slams Heydar Moslehi, the Intelligence Minister during Ahmadinejad’s presidency, for his recent remarks. Moslehi resigned from his position, after Ahmadinejad asked him to. Moslehi criticized Ahmadinejad and Baghaei after they registered for Iran’s upcoming presidential election.]

HAMID BAGHAEI says: A friend has written to me, asking me to talk about what Mr. Moslehi [former Intelligence Minister] has said. As he insisted so much, I’ll talk about it. Although I already explained it one or two hours ago.

HAMID BAGHAEI explains: This is natural. It is one of mistakes that I talked about. A person is appointed to some position mistakenly. After a while, they see he is not capable enough, so they dismiss him. If we pay attention, we can see that all such words start after dismissals. As long as that person is still serving in his position, nothing is said. It all starts as soon as they dismiss him.

HAMID BAGHAEI accuses Moslehi of being a traitor: If the people close to Mr. Ahmadinejad are spies and foreigners, you have committed treason. You are a traitor, because you haven’t said a word about it so far. And now that it the election season, you suddenly remember to talk about it? [This is true] not only about him, but anyone else.

HAMID BAGHAEI attributes Moslehi’s remarks to having been dismissed: As soon as they dismiss a person, they say there are issues that we need to talk about. You are a traitor. If there was something and you knew it, why didn’t you talk about it before? Now you remember it all of a sudden? This is one of those points. It is not important. Don’t worry about it much.