Who is Rouhani? Part 2


HOST starts the program: Hello. In previous program, we looked at the measures of charlatan mullah Rouhani before becoming the president. In today’s program, we want to partly deal with empty promises of Rouhani, and his measures during past 4 years. Please stay with us.

HOST talks about Rouhani’s campaign promises: If we want to give a list of Rouhani’s promises, it is going to be a long story. That’s why we will mention just a part of it. Everybody saw that Rouhani, in his propagandas, came up with different kinds of slogans. He also pointed out to a key in his hand, claiming to have the key to solving all the regime’s problems. And that’s is why he became known as ‘Hassan the key maker.’ But, apparently, this key was for locking, and not opening. And some used this expression: “When a thief comes with the key, he steals better things.” In short, with mirage of moderation, Rouhani became the regime’s president. One of Rouhani’s promises was to free political prisoners. Pay attention please.

People chanting: Political prisoners must be freed!

ROUHANI promises: Why just political prisoners? Let’s do something to free all prisoners.

HOST continues: Well, that was a promise. But you must have seen the result, right? Not only political prisoners were not released, but their number has increased. And during Rouhani’s presidency, many of them were executed and hanged.

HOST discusses Rouhani’s security background: Rouhani is a military-security figure. Even though on 7 June 2013, he said he is not a general, but a lawyer, when we look at his record, to which we pointed out in our last program, we can see that we are dealing with a professional security figure. Even his government has been one of the most security government in the regime’s past 38 years, and even the most security one throughout the history of Iran. If you do, and follow the records of his people, you will see that many of them have been among the regime’s high-ranking security officials. Then we should say how lucky we are that he is not a general but a lawyer! What would it be like if he were a general?

Another empty campaign promise regarding ‘charter of citizen rights’ is mentioned: One of the election promises of this charlatan mullah was about the charter of citizens’ rights. In his election campaign, he talked about citizens’ rights as if the day after becoming the regime’s president, he would address this issue. But nothing happened, until a while ago right before the next election. It means that he used his charter for election. But what is this charter? A lot of nonsense, just approving the constitutional law which is based on execution, torture, and stoning. Of course, nothing more was expected. Let’s flashback to the beginning of anti-monarchy revolution, meaning to the time when hijab was not compulsory yet.

HOST talks of Rouhani and women: You certainly know that Rouhani was one of the first who implemented the law of compulsory hijab in relation to women of our nation. Let’s see what he himself says in this regard.

NARRATOR reads [from Rouhani’s memoir]: “For the first time, grand ayatollahs in Qom protested against women’s being without hijab. Imam [Khomeini], too, emphasized on the necessity of hijab for women. Mr. Taleghani stepped forward, and said ‘we don’t have compulsory hijab, and women should choose their own hijabs.’ Here Mr. Taleghani’s views were different from other grand ayatollahs. And People’ Mujahedin [MEK] issued a statement that hijab should not be compulsory. In Joint Chiefs of Staff, we decided with our friends to make hijab compulsory. Women staff who all, except for 2 or 3 people, were without hijab started complaining and protesting. But I stood firmly and said that from the day after, the military police at the entrance gate had to prevent women without hijab from entering area of Joint Chiefs of Staff. Then after Joint Chiefs of Staff, it came to 3 branches of military forces [Army, Air, Navy]. Women there made a lot of fuss. But I said decisively that this is an order, and no one is allowed to disobey it. And in the army and the navy, I clarified hijab by referring to Quran’s verses and traditions. And eventually, observing hijab became compulsory by a directive. This social problem was dealt with very quickly, and was put in order.”

HOST discusses how Rouhani has lied to gain women’s votes: But when it comes to presidency and higher position and getting the women’s votes, this treacherous mullah forgot all those words, and said this.

NARRATOR says: “People’s freedom cannot be restricted by directives and tastes of some individuals and some organizations. We do not have the right to interfere in people’s private and public lives.”

HOST continues: Of course, this is not all of his propagandas regarding women. A while ago, he put aside his cleric’s clothing, and wore a jacket and pants. And, instead of his turban, he put on a cap, and went to mountains. And he took this picture. Well, always before the election show, there are these gestures and lies, specially from someone who has had a long history in suppressing women.

HOST focuses on increase in executions during Rouhani’s presidency: Let’s take a look at human rights conditions, particularly execution in Iran whose president is Rouhani. During Rouhani’s presidency, the executions increased in Iran in such a way that Iran ranks first rank in the world, considering the ratio of the number of execution and the number of population in the country. When they asked Rouhani about executions, do you know what his response was? He said these are divine orders. So far, 4000 public deaths have been recorded during Rouhani’s presidency.

HOST mentions deterioration of economic conditions during his presidency: During his presidency, corruption, embezzlement, astronomical salaries, and smuggling have skyrocketed. Rouhani’s economy obviously bears the mark of disorderly and bankrupt economy which has resulted in poverty of 60% of people—something that is acknowledged even by the regime’s agents.

He points to other social conditions: Unfortunate issues such as addiction, grave sleeping, hole sleeping and selling kidney and eyes have become manifold during Rouhani’s presidency, in a way that, these days, regime’s newspapers and websites—even those that are close to Rouhani—are full of news in this regard. In short, it has been long that he has been disgraced. Now the head of the most security government in the history of Iran has prettified his face, and, with posture of moderation, has nominated himself for 2017 election, so that he can keep looting and plundering Iran’s wealth, while preserving the power in his own faction. But it should be said that all of them—this or that group—are all made of the same—the rotten and filthy agents of velayat-e-faqih. And sooner or later, they will all be burned in the fire of the people’s wrath. Until next time, goodbye.