Ahmadinejad defends his former VP


[In this video clip, former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticizes Iran’s Intelligence Ministry for imprisoning his VP, Hamid Baghei, in 2015. Recently, Ahmadinejad supported Baghaei as a candidate for the upcoming presidential election, but he was disqualified by Guardian Council. Baghaei used to work at the Intelligence Ministry during the last years of Iran-Iraq war.]

  MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD talks about the 11th government putting Hamid Baghaei in solitary confinement: All the accusations they made against me, they also made against him. He was arrested following the complaints of the 11th government. 7 months and half in prison, 5 months of which in solitary confinement of the 11th government’s Intelligence Ministry. He was in a condition where he did not see the sunshine for 5 months. I remember once the Supreme Leader said, those who talk about solitary confinement do not understand what it is; if they spend only one day inside it, they will never sentence anyone to solitary. 5 months in a tiny room without sunshine. What was its outcome? Did it have any outcome?

HAMID BAGHAEI proposes to talk about some forbidden issues: Doctor [Ahmadinejad]! I’m ready to pose some of the issues. I’m ready to talk about some of the unsaid issues.

AHMADINEJAD asks him not to: I’d like to ask you please…

BAGHAEI insists: I’m ready to discuss the issues and demands that were brought up while I was there. I have no problem with that.

AHMADINEJAD says: I’d like to ask you please…