Won’t you register for presidential election?


–I have no opinion.

–Well, go ahead please.

–Me? Candidate? No!


–I am reading the news and laughing.

–This is a bad time. I am counting my money.

–I am at your service.

–What is your interview about?

Reporter: There are 3 days left to register [and run] for presidential election. Do you want to register as well?

–I won’t register.

–I am not competent enough.

–Why I won’t become candidate for presidency? Well, I am not competent enough to take part in it. 0:30

–Oh, you mean if I want to run for presidency? (I did not understand it at first.) No!

–Me? No!

–Me running for presidency?

–Is it possible, Ma’am?


Reporter: Not at all?

–Why should I?

–No, my dear. Not at all.

–It is not good if I don’t. Everybody is running for presidency. So, I should, too. What else can I say?

–I don’t intend to now.

–I won’t. I don’t want to be the president.

–I am not old enough.


–Yes, why not?

-I have registered.

–Me? No! 0:59

–Me? For myself? No!


–Personally, no.

–I like to, but I am not qualified.

–No. I believe I do not have its knowledge, I am not qualified, and I am not even interested.

–Because I personally think that I am not qualified for it.

–Really, you expect people like me to register for presidency?

–I do not find it necessary. Because I am not qualified to register.

–Because of my age and my degree.

–It needs certain academic degree, which I don’t have.

–It is a job for experts, for the wise people.

–Because it needs a strong personality, in my opinion. And I don’t have such a talent. 1:31

–When you buy clothes, you buy at your right size. It is the same with presidency. It is not my size.

–I don’t qualify to serve as president.

–It comes with a lot of responsibilities.

–And not every can carry its burdens.

–I do not see myself as qualified.

–When it is not in my expertise, why should I take part in it?

–It is not the kind of job everybody can register for, and can actually take part in.

–It is not that everyone can be the head of the executive branch.

–Well, first I look at myself and size myself. If I have the necessary qualifications, then I will go. But I don’t have those qualifications, so I stay put. 2:05

–Certainly, people must know their own abilities. Well, I have seen some [ordinary] people doing this [registering for presidential election]. I don’t know why.

–He must be a political figure.

–They have been in the government. So they must have the necessary experience.

–He must be a manager. And he should be such a good manager to be able to run 70 million, 80 million people.

–I believe that if one doesn’t have enough knowledge, he should not get involved. And those who have the knowledge and education should do so.

[The reporter interviews ordinary people, asking them if they want to nominate themselves for upcoming presidential election. According to Interior Ministry, 1,636 people registered for this election, most of whom were ordinary people. Most of the social network users considered this rush of ordinary people for registering in election as “funny and ridiculous.”]