Senior Iranian regime official brags that Iran will occupy KSA with Houthi, Hezbollah help

A senior Iranian regime official has confirmed the regime’s plans to occupy Saudi Arabia with the backing Hezbollah and the Houthi insurgents currently battling for control of Yemen against the elected government there.  While Iranian regime officials have previously hinted at Iran’s backing, this is the most overt statement of Iran’s military support for the Houthis to date.

 In this speech delivered to regime supporters in Tehran on April 16 and subsequently uploaded to the ‘Line 57’ website and published on their ‘Telegram’ page, Mehdi Tayeb, the head of the regime’s Amariyoun cyber-intelligence unit, said that the signing of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the six world nuclear powers had coincided with Iranian forces’ delivery of surface-to-surface missiles to the Houthi insurgents.

 In the speech, Tayeb said, “God has given you Yemen as a gift for the sake of your resistance there.  You will appreciate and understand this once you recite your prayers beside the House of God  [the Kaaba”, a clear indication of Iran’s objective of expanding into Saudi Arabia to seize the Kaaba and other sacred sites].

He continued, saying that the possibility of Iran’s intervention in Yemen “did not even cross the mind of the enemy, leaving us to intervene in Yemen with a million forces led by leaders like Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah.  Jizan, Najaran, these mountainous areas,  our guerrilla forces go through the valleys, go and hit the Saudi Arabian bases and seize them after unloading and evacuating the bases’ weapons and medicine  supplies  then rapidly retreat from the area. Why?  Because if they stay there they will be bombarded, so they retreat from the area, then wait for about ten to fifteen days,  then once again when they [Saudis] restock  the bases with equipment and weapons the Guerrilla forces [IRGC, Hezbollah forces, and Houthi forces] storm the areas, hitting them using this method of retreating and attacking. However, if they want to head towards and capture Jeddah and Riyadh and these areas then they only have 400 kilometers distance over a flat route to get there as there are only roads in this area because there isn’t defense anti-attack system installed there, so they [the Saudis] will bomb us with Apache aircraft eliminating anyone.  There is one way to get rid of the Saudi Arabian Air Force – by striking it, completely crippling it.  So what is required is to hit them with surface-to-surface missiles, and we have a lot of these type of missiles while those poor Houthis did not have such surface-to-surface missiles.”