Disconnection because of Ahmadinejad’s nomination


[When former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suddenly decided to run for presidency and registered his name election headquarter, IRIB’s reporter and anchor are confused as to how to cover the news. They eventually censor this part of the news.

Reporter is cut off when she mentions Baghaei: Right now, Mr. Hamid Baghaei is also…

TV anchor tries to explain: Well, our connection with the country’s election headquarter is cut off. Now the rest of the news…. We are connected once again. Can you let me know? Well, we are disconnected because of the difficulty that took place. Our connection continues with the country’s election headquarter, and my colleague Ms. Nouri.

Reporter is confused: I shouldn’t mention Baghaei, right?

TV anchor continues: Ms. Nouri? Can you hear me? Please go on.

Reporter talks about a totally different candidate and his registration: In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Hello, again, to you and the dear viewers of News Channel. As I said before, Masoud Zaribafian came for registering his name. He was the head of Foundation of Martyrs in 10th government. Right now, Mr. Montazeri, the country’s Attorney-General, is inspecting the process of registration in the country’s election headquarter.