Iranian girl not voting in presidential election

[An interview with a possible voter in upcoming presidential election. She is angry at and frustrated with social problems such as unemployment and adverse economic conditions. The report finishes with Iranian comedian, Mehran Modiri, and his take on Iranian TV and the way they report the news from all around the world.]

Reporter asks: Can I ask you about the presidential election? It is nothing in particular. Are you ready to talk about the presidential election?

she accepts: Yes.

Reporter puts his question to her about her expectations from the next president: Excuse me. My question is that as an Iranian, what is your expectation from the future president?

She responds: Expectation? It makes no difference to me. Why should we vote?

Reporter says it is her duty to vote: Well, let’s say that as a citizen, you are responsible to participate in your own destiny [by voting]. Then as a citizen, what expectation do you have from the person you are going to vote for?

She says with frustration and anger: Dear sir, 4 years ago, we fulfilled our duty, and on 2nd of Khordad, we voted. But nothing changed. What changes did it bring for us? [Look at] Our social conditions, our adverse economic conditions, our youths’ conditions…. Nothing has changed. I am young. I study computer. I am a computer student. But I know that I have no future. Nothing is changing in my life. My society is trapped—trapped in favoritism and nepotism. My society is diseased with favoritism. And I can’t do anything about it. How many people are like me with Bachelor’s degree and with no job? How many people are like me? How many people do you want me to show you who with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees go to work in private companies– due to poverty, due to being miserable—run by ignorant mangers, resulting in many other things? Look at the number of young people who are like me, with nothing…[inaudible].

Mehran Modiri [the comedian] says: Now last part of this news segment. UN, in its annual meeting, announced that by the end of this Christian year, the U.S. will be paralyzed by murder and rape, and Europe by economic crisis and unemployment. There will be starvation and drought all over Africa, and tsunami and flooding will destroy Eastern Asia. Meanwhile, with efforts of our officials, we are good! This was the news for tonight. Until next time, may God be with you. And have a good night. Good bye.