Rouhani outlines short-term economic plan

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has claimed that his administration is implementing a short-term economic initiative to turn around the country’s current dire financial situation.

In this footage broadcast by Iranian state TV’s Channel One on April 10, Rouhani said, “In my draft plan, in addition to plans for resolving economic and social problems and domestic policy, foreign policy and current affairs issues, there is a short-term plan for one-month-and-a-hundred-days, which will enable us in a short period to bring about economic transformation in the country .  As in all such economic programs, we can create a breathing period for those factories and production facilities that currently have problems to resolve and settle those difficulties in that short period .  By having a [mutual] understanding between the [state] Central Bank and other problem-solving banks, we are able to free up all those goods and commodities which are rapidly accumulating in our customs facilities and bring them onto the market.  All the aforementioned issues are possible to resolve through the short-term plan.