Blaming Iranian reformists for intensification of sanctions

[Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri Abyaneh, Iranian diplomat and former Iranian Ambassador to Mexico and Australia, is putting the blame for sanctions on reformists including Mir-Hossein Mousavi, while defending the previous government.]

Ghadiri Abyaneh talks about Khatami’s brother meeting with German Ambassador and its being wiretapped: In 2005, when Mr. Ahmadinejad was elected for the first term [of presidency], Seyed Mohammad Reza Khatami, former president Khatami’ brother, had a meeting with German Ambassador which was wiretapped by the intelligence service and its script was then given to Kayhan newspaper. And they published it. The German Ambassador had said, ‘what is your recommendation to us?’ And he [Mohammad Reza Khatami] had recommended, ‘you should intensify sanctions against Iran.’

He talks of Khatami’s brother reacting to being wiretapped: When this was published, Mohammad Reza Khatami must have understood that if they had wiretapped him, its tape must have been available. So he couldn’t deny it. He did an interview, saying that they did an unethical act by wiretapping him and publishing it. It was actually somehow confessing that the script was correct, [when he said] ‘why did you wiretap it?’ It is unethical to wiretap such a request from westerners to intensify sanctions, but your request from the westerners to sanction Iran and to intensify sanctions was not unethical! Here I have some criticism against the judiciary system. If they had arrested and punished him severely for treason against the nation, then others would not have dared to recommend to the westerners to intensify sanctions. One of the issues proposed by the so-called reformists is that they want to put the blame on the previous government, saying that they have come to lift the sanctions. well, that was for Mohammad Reza Khatami.

Ghadiri Abyaneh discusses the case of Rafsanjani’s son: I mention Mr. Mehdi Hashemi’s [Rafsanjani’s son] name because his verdict has been issued, and he is now in prison. This is one of his crimes. With people’s money, with Azad University’s money, he had gone to London, and was in charge of Azad University’s London Office. Meanwhile, he was studying for his PhD. His salary was also very good, and he wasn’t paid less than the ambassadors. There, he had been talking with an anti-revolutionary element, saying that ‘I am after contacting Americans, so that they would intensify the sanctions.’ Its audio is available on the Internet. It is Mehdi Hashemi’s voice. That other person later did an interview (it video clip is available), saying ‘I am surprised that the son of the head Of Expediency Discernment Council [Hashemi Rafsanjani] is after contacting Americans to intensify the sanctions.’

Ghadiri Abyaneh accuses the supporters of Green Movement of asking Americans for more sanctions against Iran: Michael Ledeen who is one of the theorist of Velvet Revolutions has said that ‘we sent a message to Mousavi, asking what we can do to help them. The supporters of the Green Movement brought his answer to us. They said that “first, you should intensify the sanctions. Second, do not make your support for us public.”’ Mousavi and his headquarter wanted to intensify sanctions. And now you see that 30 people who belonged to Green Movement and are now in America and Europe have written a letter to Trump, asking him to intensify sanctions. Now, who is responsible for intensification of sanctions? They do their best to accuse the previous government, saying that they caused intensification of sanctions. But what about all these who contacted them asking for more sanctions?

He concludes: Mr. Ata’ollah Mohajerani who lives in London now, said in a TV program during the sedition [Green Movement] that if necessary, there is no problem with military attack against Iran. And when he realized that he had messed up, he took his words back. But he had done it in a TV program, and had even suggested military attack. Others did that, too.