Tehran Mass Prayer Leader on chemical attacks in Syria


[Emami Kashani, Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran, accuses the west of supporting the terrorists by giving them chemical weapons.]

Emami Kashani calls the world crazy and a terrible place: A country in such conditions and such a world that we see now. A country in a world that can be called insane. The U.S., all these crimes, these missile attacks which are made against Syria (and even today, they were carried out). And all those weapons and chemical weapons that are given to terrorists in Syria.

He continues: Syrian army attacked the terrorists. Yet during these attacks, those chemical instruments that they had given to terrorists were hit. Then they spoke out. The UN spoke out. And everybody spoke out, saying that there were chemical attacks in Syria.

Emami Kashani calls the western countries liars: How brazen they are! What liars! What an insane world. They tell so many lies to world! You yourselves gave them the chemical substance. You gave the chemical substance to the terrorists. You were the ones who gave birth to the terrorists all over the world. All these crimes by the U.S., Israel and all those in the region who help Israel. Like Saudis and their wicked rulers towards Yemen. All these crimes, all these corruptions. This is such a world.

He concludes with a prayer: O God! Bring about the period of emergence of Imam Zaman that is the real life.