Iranian regime critic slams Khamenei’s policies in Nowruz message

[Mohammad Nourizad is an Iranian filmmaker, activist, and former journalist for the conservative daily Kayhan.  He was arrested after writing a letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, urging him to apologize to the nation for the bloody crackdown on the opposition after the disputed 2009 June presidential elections.  In recent years Nourizad has strongly and openly condemned Ali Khamenei for his policies which have inflicted devastation on the people in Iran and also in the regional countries.  This has resulted in his being arrested, harassed and beaten by regime thugs on a number of occasions, particularly for his support of political prisoners, including those of non-Persian ethnicity, who suffer the most brutal persecution under the regime and whose rights have been denied for many years].

Mohammad Nourizad, a prominent Iranian dissident who has been beaten and arrested for criticizing the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, recorded this blistering video message in which he imagines Khamenei’s words, commemorating Nowruz [Iranian New Year] and condemning the regime.  In the message, Nourizad says:

“Hello Iranians. Salutations to those who have had wishes for this homeland.  As I look around myself, I see there is no reason for the people to be happy.  When I look to Iranians, I see only despair as their share. How can I congratulate you Iranians on Nowruz while I see Iranian girls and women being arrested before my eyes for prostitution simply because of the extreme poverty which I [the Iranian regime] was responsible for?  I was the cause of driving this homeland into and trapping it in the catacombs of debt, poverty, and misery.  That was me who caused the Revolutionary Guards Corps to subjugate you. That was me who drove the elite to leave the country or imprisoned or killed them [a reference to the massive brain drain which has seen Iran’s intellectuals and academics fleeing into exile or being imprisoned and/or murdered].  Then I dominated over you Iranians, those who are stupid and unwise.

How can I congratulate you on Nowruz while I see you, the people, have become mired in great fear [under oppression] and do not have any feeling of peace or of safety?  How could I see a smile on your face while I see all the pain and suffering I have inflicted in your beautiful face?  I have destroyed your land. I have, through the story of the nuclear program, thrown you into great humiliation. I have driven you into debt.   When I look to your unborn Iranian people who in the future will have to and be condemned to pay massive fines by the international community to the Syrian people, Iraqi people, Yemeni people [for the devastation caused by the Iranian regime’s interventions in those countries], how can I congratulate you on Nowruz?  I have humiliated you. I have thrown you into the valley of shame. 

My dear Iranians, those words don’t belong to Mohammad Nourizad, but some day, I don’t know when, in a Nowruz next year or in a few years’ time, Seyyed Ali Khamenei will speak to you with such words. He will tell you, ‘I heard your outcry, but I did not value it and now it’s become too late.

And I, Mohammad Nourizad, wish this Nowruz of 1396 [the current Iranian calendar year which began on Tuesday, March 21, 2017] that such a situation had never befallen your homeland, but we, by wisdom and peace, will take just steps towards a righteous tomorrow.  And this wish is possible and achievable.  I have the same wish for you; I wish that this year of 1396 will be an excellent year for all Iranian peoples.