Squandering and corruption in Rouhani’s government


[Nima Rashedan, cyber-activist and pro-democracy journalist, is criticizing Rouhani’s government for their excessive spending and corruption.]

Nima Rashedan points to cost of Rouhani’s trip to Karaj: Iran’s president took a trip to Karaj which is Iran’s closest city to Tehran. And 450,000 tomans was the cost of his toothbrush and toothpaste. And its bill was sent to Governor’s office. His 50-kilometer trip costs 1.5 billion tomans.

He mentions to Rouhani’s brother accepting gift: When his brother’s wife accepted a 16 billion toman house as a gift from Mr. Danialzadeh, and then sent the money for their daughter in this very city of London. And then Mr. Danialzadeh said it was 16,000 billion tomans. (well, when I was reading it, I could not believe it.)

Rashedan to corruption in Rouhani’s government: When Mr. Rouhani’s managers are plundering in an unprecedented way, and then his daughter said in the parliament that ‘we took our share from revolution.’ Then you don’t need the judiciary to do anything to them, they have created this situation themselves. When the government makes a lot of fuss that Ahmadinejad has created 150,000 billion toman debt, and then it becomes clear that its debt is more than 700,000 billion tomans. What has happened to this money?