Minister of Roads and Transportation listening to passengers’ complaints

[Minister of Roads and Transportation is talking to passengers at airport about their problems, such as parking lot, high prices and delays.]

Overcharged passenger says: They want to charge me 200,000 tomans for 8 days that my car was in the parking lot.

Minister of Roads suggests: [inaudible] you should have taken a taxi.

She pushes: This is my right to use the parking lot.

Minister of Roads confronts her: Ma’am, it is not our duty to provide parking space for somebody for 8 days. You should take a taxi to and from here.

She keeps complaining: This a public parking lot. And isn’t 25,000 tomans per night the right of us the people?

Minister of Roads retorts: They should have charged you more.

Minister of Roads talks to the shopkeeper at airport coffee shop: These customers say that you charge them 7 times more.

Shopkeeper replies: It is not like that.

Minister of Roads asks: Are these your prices? Now, for example, how much is the orange juice?

Shopkeeper says: 12,000 tomans.

Minister of Roads continues: How much is it in the market?

Shopkeeper responds: 8,000 tomans.

Minister of Roads draws a conclusion: Then it is not 7 times more expensive!

–For example, how much is an omelet? That passenger was asking about omelet.

Shopkeeper says: 10,000 tomans.

–They say why it is 10,000 tomans. It is also the same price in the city.

–Not even 10 years ago was it 3,000… 4,000 tomans!

Passenger whose flight has been delayed for many hours: I have come from Mashhad. And I have been here so far, and my flight hasn’t taken place.

Minister of Roads asks: Which airline?

She says: Iran Air Tour. And they still say that it will be at 12:45. What should we do, doctor?

Minister of Roads promises: God willing, it will be taken care of.