Tehran’s women ran to protest against discrimination


[In Tehran Marathon, in an act of gender segregation, women were set to run only around Azadi stadium’s lake. In protest to this discrimination, some women ran from Hassan Abad Square to Azadi Square.]

–No I didn’t run in the race, because its route was around the lake, which was ugly and I couldn’t run in the streets. So, that is why, like always, which I run in the streets, I chose a route, and came from Hassan Abad Square to Azadi Square. 031

–Hi. I did register for marathon, but at the end, they told me that I have not been registered. And I ran in a different route, against the marathon’s direction. More because I wanted to show that we, ladies, can run differently in this. After all, Tehran belongs to all of us. Thanks. 1:06

–No, we did not register. From Hassan Abad to Azadi Square.