Economist criticizes clerics’ comments about economy

[In a debate on IRIB, two economists are expressing their views about who has the right to talk about economic issues, as well as on the issue of accountability.]

Mohammad Kohandel accuses the officials of not being accountable even to religious figures: Even, unfortunately, they don’t respond to views of, for example, Ayatollah Javadi Amoli. Nobody responds. Why aren’t they responding? Really, we… I am an expert, and they afford not to respond to me. But isn’t Ayatollah Javadi Amoli at the same level as these people? Shouldn’t the Vice President respond?

Morteza Ezati criticizes the religious figures commenting on economic issues: To me, one of our problems is that Dr. Kohandel says, ‘this or that religious figure gives his opinion about economy.’ This is one of the problems of our economy. He should give his opinion about religion. I am sorry to say that. But this a clear and obvious point. A doctor must take care of his own medical profession. A religion teacher must teach religion. And an economics teacher must teach economics. If I give a religious fatwa, I must be stopped. I am sorry.