Iranian presidential candidate warns that Khamenei’s “resistance” economy is on the brink of falling

A hardline candidate standing in next month’s Iranian presidential election has warned that Iran’s “resistance” economy is in grave danger of failing, particularly given the high levels of unemployment and severe economic problems facing the country.

In an interview with Fars News, the candidate, whose name was not mentioned in the interview, spoke about the economic and other problems affecting Iran. “On the conditions in the country, as I’ve mentioned in a few places, with Khamenei’s economy we’re on the brink of falling.  Look, it’s vital to run the country, including, one, leadership; two, people; three, government. As we in the leadership and the people and even our enemies acknowledge, lying could be a successful way to run the country  [a sideways swipe at the Rouhani administration and its unfulfilled promises on resolving economic and unemployment issues]”.

“Where is the problem?  The problem is in the executive branch. Every time we’ve acted in a revolutionary manner, believed in ourselves, whenever we’ve considered the orders and commands of Imam Khomeini to be principles and put them into action, as the Imam said “we could”, then we are successful.  Today, Iranian power in the region is known and recognized worldwide. In many cases, we’ve managed to turn the threats into opportunities, for example through self-sufficiency .    So how come we can’t overcome our economic conditions in this current period that we’re going through when we have 20 million people below the poverty line”?


“We have three components that will allow us to escape from poverty in this country: these are, one, resources; two, plan; and three, structure and organization.    By implementing a five-year plan, we could eradicate the face of poverty from the Islamic Republic .  We have 600,000 families without any housing, who are unable to afford housing unless we provide free housing for them.  If we were to annually locate three billion six hundred million Tomans for housing, then it would be a certainty that within a four or five year period we could resolve the issue of homeless people. We have planned for 15 issues in the country.  We’re a country with 2,600 square miles of sea, with our marine industries now becoming among the first in the world.  Despite this, we see our poorest people living on the country’s coastsOur country has 1,700 potential economic zones that could revive industry and the economy.  Our country is completely an importing nation, so if we want to transform it into an exporting country we must do a 180-degree change in our orientation, which is impossible under the current economic structure”.


“There’s been enough speeches and speaking; they [Rouhani and his economic team] just formulate theories on this issue.   Our discourse is an economic one, therefore I should ask questions related to the economy.   We also accept and rely on the same data which has been presented and published by the concerned departments, so after four years it could be supposed that you could at least provide partial data on this subject.  You [Rouhani and his administration] should provide such reports”.



“I am a soldier and servant of this country and I don’t have any expectations, and when you recommend me to continue at a certain level and within certain limits, I will do so”.  


“Peace be upon Mohamed and his companions”.


“Thank you and excuse me”.