Criticizing economic performance of Iran’s last 4 presidents

[Two Iranian economists are debating economic performance of the government in Iran. Dr. Ebrahim Razaghi is criticizing the government, while Tahmasb Mazaheri is defending Rouhani’s economic performance.]

Mazaheri says what Rouhani is going to do: To overcome the problems that do not allow them to come and invest.

Razaghi asks: Why didn’t he [Rouhani] do in past 4 years, Doctor?

Mazaheri admits: I don’t know the reason why.

Razaghi accuses Rouhani: Then this type of people, this group of people would not do it. Therefore, others should come [for presidency].

Mazaheri says what Rouhani is focusing on: Dr. [Rouhani] is thinking about what should be done for the year 2017-2018.

Razaghi says Rouhani will do the same if elected: And I say, who should do this? Mr. Rouhani? He was in charge [of the government] for 4 years. He has imported 20 billion dollars of services. And if he becomes president once again, he will do the same.

Host says: Please allow me Mr. Razaghi. We are not discussing the issue from political viewpoint.

Mazaheri comments: We are not discussing the issue politically.

Razaghi responds: Incidentally, it is a political issue, because it is important who comes to power.

Host asks: Mr. Razaghi, how should we save our production and our employment?

Razaghi says: When someone comes to do all these things, he will see.

Host says: Right now, you are discussing individuals. But basically and fundamentally…

Mazaheri points to Razaghi’s disagreement with Rouhani: Mr. Razaghi is against Mr. Rouhani, so…

Razaghi says he disagrees with last 4 presidents: Not just with Rouhani. With Mr. Rafsanjani, Mr. Khatami, Mr. Ahmadinejad, and Mr. Rouhani. All 4 of them damaged this country economically. I do not support him.

Mazaheri says: We are supposed not to enter the issue you are talking about.

Razaghi says: When you say that I have Mr. Rouhani in mind….