Parliamentarian slams Iran’s judiciary

[A lawmaker is expressing his disagreement with making the judiciary system bigger by constructing buildings, while calling it inefficient. He also accuses the establishment for not fulfilling the promises in the beginning of the Islamic Revolution.]

MP Ahmadi announces his seat number: Ahmadi 244, 244

Larijani says: Mr. Ahmadi, please go ahead.

MP Ahmadi begins: In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Thanks to God of both worlds.

MP Ahmadi slams the idea of big judiciary system: Dear colleagues, please pay attention. Largeness of the judiciary system in each country is a disgrace to that country. The way we want to make the judiciary bigger is shameful.

MP Ahmadi reminds of the number of prisoners in the beginning of the revolution: They say that in the beginning of the revolution, there were 10,000 people in prisons. Today it has reached to 220,000 people. We want to allow the judiciary to build 40,000 square-meters of building each year. What for? They should fix the inefficiency of the judiciary system somewhere else.

He talks of students not having proper classrooms: Last week I went to my own electorate. We have schools where they are studying in conexes. They are studying in sheds.

MP Ahmadi questions what the judiciary needs these building for: What do you want to build in 40,000 square-meters? Buildings? Prisons? What do you want to do with it? That is wrong. (I want to use all my time for talking.) In which part of the plan, have we given permission for building and construction so that now we want to give such permission to the judiciary system? We have respect for all colleague and all judges. (And as for medical fields, our doctor friends did a perfect job for Health Minister.)

MP Ahmadi points out to the inefficiency of the judiciary system: Outside prison, the prisoners’ children do not have shoes to wear, and cannot go to school. When a person is imprisoned, we should do something his wife and children. They need job, they need bread. Otherwise, [lives of] ten more people will be destroyed. Do we need such a big judiciary? Are we going to put 80 million people in prison? As a representative of the people, I have not come across anyone who would tell me they are happy with judiciary’s performance. Can anyone go to judiciary and get a verdict? And then we want to favor this [judiciary] branch. The judiciary must become smaller, must become efficient. We are not allowed to give people’s money [to them] to build villas, to construct buildings. It is not clear whether they want to build corporate homes, recreational-cultural complexes, warehouses, or buildings? What for?

MP Ahmadi reminds of the promises made in the beginning of revolution: We should reduce the number of prisons. In the beginning of the revolution, we made promises to reduce the number of prisons, and make schools instead.

Larijani says: Mr. Ahmadi, here we are not talking about prisons. It is building.

Ahmadi replies: Please let me finish. This Article is the same.

Larijani continues: No, it isn’t.

Ahmadi says: What do they want to build in 40,000 square-meters?

Larijani reads from the text: Read the text. It says: “give permission to the judiciary system, in order to facilitate people’s access to judicial services….”

Ahmadi mentions people’s dissatisfaction with the judiciary: Sir, people don’t like to go to courts. Now even if we venerate them, give them bread and water, and then tell them to sit on soft chairs, people still do not like to go to courts. Does anyone like to go to court? We have increased it [number of people in prisons] from 10,000 people to 220,000 people in prison. It shows that our judiciary system is inefficient. It shows that this system must reform itself with better efficiency. And not with making the buildings bigger. When they make bigger buildings, they hire more judges, hire more people. They will put computers, desks…. Why should we do this.

Larijani concludes: Thank you. Mr. Ahmadi suggests eliminating Article 130.