Criticizing Iran’s political culture

[In a program on Iran’s Documentary Channel, the guest is criticizing the political culture of Iranian officials who give a false, rosy picture of the country and its conditions– instead of knowing their limitations and presenting a realistic image.]

Guest of the program points to a point made by the other guest: What he said about the difference between the way our officials talk and the way their officials talk, is very significant. It is a sign.

He emphasizes the fact that making progress is more of a process which includes knowing limitations and opportunities beforehand: For them, making progress is a process, just like building a refrigerator or building a factory. It means that they have a plan. And in this plan, there are limitations and opportunities. Some will suffer from these limitations. And the designer of the plan knows that if he wants to juxtapose a closed political system with free economy system, some people are going to suffer. He accepts this beforehand, and says it. For example, ‘we will be at this point in the first decade, and in the second decade….’

He exemplifies his point by a hypothetical dialogue with a Chinese official: Now you are talking to a Chinese and ask him, ‘Do you have democracy?’ He says, ‘We have something. It is better than before. But no, we don’t have democracy. Yet we have something else.’

He then has the same hypothetical dialogue with an Iranian official: Now in Iran’s political culture, when you ask [an Iranian official], ‘How is your democracy?’ He says, ‘It is perfect, absolutely great.’ You say, ‘How is your economy?’ He says, ‘Good! Our people are all so dear.’ First of all, no such country exists in the world, even if right now you go to the most advanced countries in the world [you can’t find such a perfect place]. You ask, ‘Now what is your plan?’ He responds, ‘For Iranians to manage the world.’ I don’t know.

He calls Iranian officials very imaginative in their hope for managing the world: Their imaginations are very strong. The Chinese have accepted that they can’t have a democracy like France, because they don’t have the capacity or the structure. And it is not the right time for them. Now the right time for them is to save themselves from starvation. And that is a very great significant difference.